Email Continuity Services Helping Your Businesses run Smooth and Safely

Employees communicate through email whether at workplace or from home or even from a remote place using their mobile phones while on the move, email has become the most important means of communication for every business across the globe. Businesses need continuous and constant flow of communication between all the parties concerned, and anything lack of communication will result in heavy losses to the businesses.

System maintenance, outages, natural disaster, system downtime, hardware failure are some of the reasons that may cause hindrance to the email continuity, exchange of emails among employees or between business and vendors, of an organization. Such disruption may cause businesses to lose communication, business and hence revenues.

Businesses need a backup that ensures continuous flow of communication via emails among employees and between business and vendors so business functions smooth, as usual without hurting the business financially or otherwise, in the event of primary email system failures. Email continuity is one such disaster management program that helps businesses send and receive emails in the event of a server downtime issue.

How does Email Continuity Systems Work?

In the event of your primary email system failure, the backup email system or the email continuity springs into action, copies the emails directed to the primary mail server and guides them to a webmail server that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. This email system makes it easy for employees and vendors to send and receive email; it uses a single and user-friendly interface for the convenience of administration, so IT administrators need not require special skills to manage the email continuity system.

Once the primary email system starts functioning, all the inbound email queued will go to that server, and the primary email server receives a history of the email exchanges that happened during the outage, so you can access these emails in future if required.

As such, email continuity helps businesses stay in touch with vendors, prospects, and help protect business reputation and profitability even during outage times. In addition, email continuity also helps comply with industry regulations of archiving emails, etc. for data audit requests, e-discovery purposes.

Benefits of Email Continuity Services

By deploying email continuity services you will organization will experienced continuous flow of communication within the organization and with outside parties thus helping build better brand reputation and increasing business opportunities and profitability. Some of the other benefits of a backup for your primary email server include:

• Increased Reliability: With email continuity services, you will increase your business reliability and lower the risk of losing business to competitors, as you can stay in touch with your prospects, vendors etc.

• Improves business productivity: Businesses will face downtime at some point or the other and so they allocate resources and time for such downtime. With the help of an effective email continuity service as a backup in the event of primary E-mail server failures that help exchange of emails as usual will help conduct business without any hindrance or loss of productivity.

• Comply with industry standards and regulations: Email continuity helps you to download communication history, which happened during the outage on to the primary email server once it becomes fully functional, so your business can archive such communication for future references, and to comply with industry standards, which requires such archiving of email history.

As the importance of email as primary communication tools grows in businesses, there is a need to provide for a robust email continuity service that helps exchange of email in the most safe and secure way within the organization and between the organization and the outside parties.

When looking to outsource your email continuity services you need to select the best IT services company to help your organization with continuous exchange of emails. Some of the features that best email continuity services have include:

Robust Network Infrastructure: Email continuity and protection services have strong and robust network infrastructure to facilitate high availability of mail servers. Such infrastructure, servers and data centers, spread across geographically diverse areas offer a host of email continuity and email security services for smooth operation of business in the event of downtime or outage of the primary server.

Effective Management and Monitoring: As a secondary system, email continuity systems appear when your primary server experiences downtime, however, these secondary systems are always ready to offer these backup services, as breakdowns can happen at any time. Email continuity systems use time tested software for real world scenarios.

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