Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Restaurant POS System

In the age of cutthroat competition, you need to position your business uniquely and transform your business to display the next level of business acumen and proficiency.

You can achieve this with excellent customer ratings, returning loyal customers, reinforcement of your brand value, and optimization of operational capabilities. POS can play a crucial role in achieving all these goals and profitability.

How do I find POS System for myself?

The key questions to find the best POS system for your restaurant include:

Do I need only the POS or the POS peripherals too?

The peripheral offers a facelift and modernizes your business. POS vendors offer Kitchen display equipment, Digital signage, customer-facing displays, Mobile POS terminals, barcode scanners with some extra costs. All these add-ons increase your business efficiency and make you look upmarket.

Does the vendor match my support expectations?

Some vendor supports are available only during their work hours and some may provide 24×7. They must help with your query and prompt resolutions to your queries with the shortest resolution turnaround time. They must provide a clear and effective resolution. They must offer a comprehensive warranty of all the POS equipment and peripherals to foster a sustainable business relationship for the longer term.

How much should I allocate to install a POS system?

Cost of installation is the key factor that influences the choice of POS system. An increase in the cost may defer the installation and stall it for an indefinite time. Therefore, it is a key decision whether to go for the best POS system for restaurant installation. The perfect base-price range is between 0.5-3 percent of the overall sales. POS system for restaurants makes business sense because it brings down the operational cost drastically and boosting your profitability.

Can I customize the POS system to suit my requirement?

POS specifically designed for restaurant businesses are ideal. You need to find the POS system for restaurants. You will find it easier to tailor a POS for a restaurant rather than buying a retail POS unit and try to fine-tune it to suit your restaurant business.

A feature-laden POS system will offer:

Change meals ingredients and drink orders

Add/delete combos

Online and offline order management

Quick transfer of the order to the kitchen

Bill split features

What are the POS Features I should look for?

The POS system is the heart of your operations. A POS system can generate instant reports round the clock and feed in data that help staff, the inventory management team, and the team ordering the stock.

POS systems help with ABC analysis of inventory management for the smooth operation of your restaurant. POS system will tell you to order for replenishment of stocks and forecast sales based on historic data and trends.

POS controls cash systems to square up accounts and tally the transactions for banking.

POS boosts customer experience by helping you create loyalty programs for the data it stores. It empowers the customer-facing unit to execute and accomplish the scheduled tasks.

Do I have a user-friendly POS setup?

In the highly complex hospitality business, you need a simple POS setup that is easy to operate. Complex POS reduces efficiency and speed of operations. Your POS system has to be user-friendly, uncomplicated, easy to understand and use.

Can I manage my inventory with the POS system?

The best POS system for restaurants implies you will never go out of stock of menu items ever again. Your POS system will always keep you updated with the current stock levels at any point. An efficient POS system will tell you about the best-selling food items and the item that you need to buy and when.

Do I need a mobile POS system?

You must ensure the POS system compatibility with the devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, or mobile card swipe machines. Of course, a smarter mobile POS system can process payments wherever your customers are without having them walk to the cash counter. A mobile POS can communicate orders to the kitchen right from the table. Customers love faster service levels and shorter or no waiting period and/or waiting staff.


The best POS for your Restaurant involves factoring in both short-term and long-term business requirements. Initially, it may look like an enormous investment and expensive, but over a period, the cost neutralizes. Migration to POS involves significant time and effort, but worth taking. You are in the future of your business and growth with the best POS system on your side.

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