Guide to Square Alternatives 2020

Square is a great solution for small businesses – be it online or offline. But it does have its limitations. If you are expanding your business or looking for more features in your merchant service then you might need to consider alternatives to Square.

Consider this guide for Square alternatives in 2020.

Leaders Merchant Services

It offers transparent and low pricing. The starting rates can be as low as 0.15%. When you choose Leaders merchant services, you will get the benefit of 24/7 support throughout the year.

It also offers same-day approvals and free EMV terminals. It is ideal for mobile payments. If your business is in the category of quick service meals, restaurants, or retail then Leaders can be an ideal merchant service option for you.


It processes payments that are more than 10K. You will receive 24/7 support. It is known for excellent chat support. There are no hidden charges for their services.

You will also not be required to sign any contract. Its processing time is quite fast. It is ideal for e-commerce ventures and other online businesses.


It offers free EMV terminals and Clover options. There are no upfront costs when you choose Flagship.

You will also receive the benefit of free setups. One of the biggest advantages of Flagship is the same-day funding option. It also offers mobile payments. It is ideal for retail ventures, e-commerce businesses, and terminals.


It is the best payment solution for high-risk businesses. It is also suited for businesses of all sizes and in any category such as retail establishments and terminals. But not many merchant services offer services for high-risk businesses. PaymentCloud not only offers them but it also offers reliable services. High-risk businesses often get bad deals due to the nature of their work. But you won’t have to deal with shady or less-than-ideal offers when you choose PaymentCloud.

It offers free getaway and account setups. It has an approval rate of over 98%. It also offers mobile payments. It is your best merchant service option if you want a secured payment environment, especially for your high-risk business.

Lightspeed Retail

If your business is growing, you may want to move away from Square and choose something like Lightspeed Retail. It is ideal for slightly-advanced POS users.

It contains many POS features suitable for retail businesses such as inventory management and purchase ordering. You can also use it for creating store credit, bulk buying, employee management, CRM, e-commerce integration, multistore capability, in-house payment processing, and reporting.

Its monthly charges are more than Square. But you also get many more features for retails businesses. You can also integrate Lightspeed with outside merchant services.

Square for Retail is also only available for iPad. You can use Lightspeed with iPad, desktop, or any device connected to the internet. It does charge a nominal processing fee. But its monthly charges can be approximately $99. You can also opt for larger plans.

It offers 24/7 support and provides good onboarding services. If your food or retails business is expanding and you have good experience using POS systems then Lightspeed is a good alternative to Square.

It offers a month-to-month agreement along with 24/7 support. It offers excellent POS solutions and free account setup and equipment.

It is most suited for retail shops, restaurants, and terminals. It also has a mobile payment option.


It is best suited for quick-serve businesses (QSR) and coffee shops. It offers free starter plans along with paid plans. If you are in the coffee or QSR business and wish to set up an iPad POS then ShopKeep is a good option for you. If you can do away with just the free plan, it can be more cost-effective to you than Square. The latter is also ideal for QSR and food businesses. But ShopKeep may cost you a bit less.

It also comes with an excellent inventory-tracking feature. It also allows for easier options to send kitchen orders and even merge orders or tickets. It also updates tickets automatically. For retail businesses, ShopKeep offers solutions such as bulk ordering and Bluetooth scanners. Its customer service is also excellent.

How PaymentCloud Works to Secure Payment Processing?

PaymentCloud – A Right Choice for Modern-day Businesses

This payment processing platform provides the desired right solutions for credit card processing, and thousands of clients take benefit by making use of these perfect solutions. These days, payment cards such as the credit card and the debit card have become par for the course of buying and selling. Nobody can even think of managing a business devoid of a properly functional mechanism for the processing of such cards. This shift is precisely in sync with the present predilection of the people across the world. One can rightly figure out a shift as regards the shopping preference of the people in the past decade, and the bulk of them prefer to pay through the payment cards for their shopping. In the contemporary period, due to the unanticipated attack of the novel coronavirus, the situation has become all the more momentous.

These days, people fear to go out to have shopping because they have to maintain the prescribed social distance, and due to this, the demand for online shopping has increased considerably. Consequently, the usage of credit and debit cards has doubled. Hence, the traders will have to install a properly-functional device for the processing of the credit and debit cards. However, vendors must hire the services of professionally managed credit and debit card processing companies like the PaymentCloud, which offers customer-friendly terms. Such a partnership will be very beneficial for the company.

How PaymentCloud Works to Secure Payment Processing?

The collaboration with this payment processing company will be beneficial for all businesses, irrespective of the nature of business. In brief, all commercial establishments, from small ones to big firms, will benefit from partnering with this payment processing agency. There are a few practical benefits that the commercial establishments will be able to earn by partnering up with PaymentCloud. The company has a vast experience that stretches to more than five centuries.

One of the main advantages of PaymentCloud is that you can enjoy flawless setup as well as integration with all the presently available shopping cart platforms and the website management systems. This platform practically acts as a virtual terminal where the payment acceptance can be over the phone and can even prepare and send the invoice links. Another primary point that is worthy of note as regards this payment processing company is that this platform will be perfectly suitable for varied types of businesses.

•  Companies can have a free cost comparison. Thus the company is getting the option of comparing various facilities and picking the best one that will go well with their specific need.

•  The signing up of the account will be free, and the same is the case with the setting up of the gateway. There will not be any fees for the processing of the application and the setting up of the account. Hence, companies will not have to shell out money during the primary phase of the process.

•  There will be a completely-secured transaction facility. Your customers will surely appreciate this facility, and you will be able to augment the strength of your customer base.

•  The rates will be low, and the approvals will be very much speedy. The approval rating will be 98%. Another added advantage is that both the existing and newly set up businesses can partner with the payment processing company.

You need not have to pay any advance payment for starting your account. This provision is indeed a practical benefit because companies can pay precisely in tune with their actual utilization of the payment gateway. Another convincing offer that comes from this card processing company is that it is possible to transfer your merchant account even if you are with another payment processing company. In short, this platform is a perfect choice for all commercial establishments, which include high-risk businesses, and by all means, this is relatively an affordable choice. It is possible to incorporate with any type of CMS such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc.; the only thing is that you must have an open API. This list consists of airlines, adult, educational, electronics, transport, software, debt consolidation, online E-commerce, Saas, and many other businesses that perform varied functions.

Outsourced IT Support – The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

For some companies, outsourcing IT support is a very good option. As technology becomes more and more integrated into how we do business, it is only logical that many businesses will outsource IT capabilities to reduce costs and increase productivity and efficiency.

Outsourced IT support provides companies with the competitive edge they need-not just to survive but to thrive. If you are looking for IT support in Houston, you need to ask your prospective partners the right questions. Here are five most frequently asked questions:

1.  What happens when my infrastructure goes down?

No matter how good your outsourced IT support is, in today’s cyber-centric world, the possibility of an IT disaster always looms large. While investing in IT support in Houston, it is important that you find a provider who is prepared to tackle disasters.

Your IT service provider should be ready to talk to you about a disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan lays down what will happen if your digital environment goes down. The IT service provider will find out from you the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) that you want to set.

RTO refers to the point of time in the future at which your digital environment will be up and running again. It is the established target time for recovery of IT and business after a disaster. RPO refers to the point of time in the past to which you will recover. It is the amount of acceptable IT and business downtime during a disaster. For example, if you want the files restored to be no more than one hour old, your IT services provider will have to back up all your files every hour.

2.  What is in the service level agreement (SLA)?

When you outsource IT support, the service level agreement (SLA) is the contract that determines what services you will be getting when you pay the service provider. Some IT services providers offer ‘all-inclusive’ packages while others offer services à la carte.

It helps if you can discuss clearly what you are looking for from an IT service provider and then have them clarify how they are going to charge you for those services. You don’t want to be hit by hidden fees at the end of the month. You can straight away ask them what will get you a bill beyond the monthly service fee. Also, if you have been able to figure out what you need from a prospective IT partner, you will be able to understand better whether they are offering you a good deal or not.

3.  How will you keep me and my staff informed about what is going on with our company’s IT?

You would want to be kept informed about what is happening with your digital environment. Make it clear to your IT services provider at the very beginning that you expect to be included in what is going on with your company’s IT.

The best IT services providers have set procedures to keep their clients in the loop. You should ask your prospective IT services provider if they provide regular reports. And if yes then how often-whether weekly, monthly or quarterly. You also need to find out if they are willing to set up regular meetings with you to keep you up to date. Some IT services providers provide admin portals where you can go to check out a quick view of what is happening with your IT.

4.  How will your services support the growth of our business?

A company needs to grow. While deciding on IT support in Houston, you would want to choose a provider who makes expansion easy. As your business grows, you will need to employ more staff. Your IT service provider should make it easy and affordable to add new workstations, employee accounts, and even locations.

5.  What is your team like?

You would want to know what kind of team they have. Too many cooks spoil the broth. You should look for a small team of IT experts, security engineers, and customer service agents. Also, you need to find out about their level of experience.

Do you have any questions about IT support in Houston? You can leave your comments below.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Fax Services

The communication technology has improved a lot in recent decades. And if your business uses a fax for communication, it’s time to say goodbye to your old fax machine and start using an online fax service. There are several Internet fax services in the market and choosing the best online fax service can be a daunting task. Below we have shared a few tips that will help.

Make Sure You Can Receive Faxes Online or in the Email

Some internet fax services send the faxes to your email. This can be a big problem for field employees as they may not be able to access their work mail outside the office. Hence, you need to make sure the Internet fax service you select allows you to send and receive faxes online and does not restrict its use to email.

Assess Your Needs

The Internet fax service subscription plans allow you to send and receive a limited number of faxes every month for a fixed fee. For the overuse of the service, you need to pay a specific amount for every fax (sent and received) that can increase your tax bill significantly.

The first thing you need to do is find out how many faxes you send and receive every month. You can then select a subscription plan which will ensure you do not end up paying high overuse charges every month for the Internet fax services.

File Types Supported

Some Internet fax services allow you to send and receive faxes in TIF format only. The best online fax services support popular document formats like PDF, PS, PSD, CSV, and many more. This is particularly helpful for businesses having a document system and they need to send faxes in different file formats.

Understand the Fee Structure

Every Internet fax service has different subscription tiers and features associated with it. You need to carefully scrutinize the fee structure of different service providers and understand the fee structure in detail.

The pricing webpage on the website might not mention all terms and conditions or charges related to a subscription plan. Hence, you need to contact the customer service of the service provider to know what you are paying for, the faxing limitations, overuse charges, and setup fees if any.

Research the Company Behind the Service

 The online fax service provider should have a solid infrastructure to provide efficient and uninterrupted faxing services. You will be surprised to know some small providers don’t have their infrastructure to provide such services and operate from a basement or small offices with a small staff.

Check the details of the service provider like the capacity, redundancy capabilities. You can find information about Internet fax services on online forums related to the industry. This will help you make an informed decision.

Request Free Demos

It is quite easy for any Internet fax service to make tall claims about their services while the truth may be different altogether. Leading online fax service offers a free trial period where businesses can use the service and experience the functionality and quality of the fax service offered.

The best online fax service will offer you free demos to win your trust before offering any subscription plan. If the service provider does not offer any free trial period or free demos, consider it as a red flag.

Confirmation of Fax Results

Confirmation of fax communication is an important aspect of businesses. Traditional fax systems offered confirmation about fax deliveries. Make sure the online fax service you select offers some kind of confirmation of fax results. This can serve as a proof of fax communication and can be used as evidence in legal matters.

Check the Scalability Options

The Internet fax service must offer easy scalability options that allow you to scale up/down your fax communication as per business needs.

The scalability factor ensures the fax communication system can cope up with the increase in communication needs when required. The ability to scale down after the peak period is over ensures you don’t end up paying for high capacity when not required.

These are some of the factors that you should focus on while evaluating the best online fax services.

Why You Should Use HVAC Takeoff Software?

Digitization has become more of a necessity than a choice in the HVAC industry. Almost everyone you will work with, from clients to contractors, use the relevant HVAC software programs to run their businesses and collaborate on residential or commercial HVAC projects. So, the primary reason for using HVAC Takeoff software is because you need it to manage the different aspects of your business.

Here are several more reasons why you should use HVAC Takeoff software:

• The HVAC Takeoff software allows you to access a range of useful features such as CRM dashboard, project templates, material lists, sales pipeline tracking, project deadline tracker, note sharing, integrated quotes, and peer reviews.

• HVAC Takeoff software lets you go over the HVAC project and blueprints in fine detail.

• The software program provides you with the necessary tools to handle the project operations and share accurate bidding estimates with the bidders, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

• The HVAC Takeoff software assists you with the purpose-built estimates.

• You can get all the information you need to make accurate bids on projects.

• Taking project specifications into consideration, you can determine the exact materials you will need and in what quantities.

• The software will help you to take note of any special fixtures and installations that you might need for the project.

• If you need to rent equipment for the project duration, the HVAC Takeoff software will help you to figure out the costs for this.

• The software database has over 200,000 items that you can access whenever you want.

• The digital job plans include built-in piping, mechanical, and plumbing assemblies, and you get access to these as well.

• There are online digital plans as well as a digitizer to perform an HVAC Takeoff, but you can do it manually as well.

• You can check current rates for labor and materials, including the real-time updated pricing changes that manufacturers make, and use all of these, along with any overhead costs, in your bid summary.

• You can integrate the estimating data into Excel report extensions and customize them as per your requirement.

• You can also customize the database and the interface for improving your workflow.

• You can integrate your price details with the accounting system.

• You can customize a digital Takeoff template as per your project requirements.

• You can refer to a range of mechanical assemblies as well as plumbing and piping assemblies for the project.

• You can import your digital project plans and drawings into the HVAC Takeoff software program, and reference them as needed, no matter where you are.

• You can also share the project plans easily with co-workers and clients.

• You can view your Takeoff data on multiple screens.

• By getting fast and accurate HVAC Takeoff results, you save on the time and expenses that would have gone into your overhead expenses and reduced your profits.

• The HVAC Takeoff software program lets you customize your professional proposals and export them, if necessary, to other regularly used document formats like PDF, Excel, and Word.

• You can use the HVAC Takeoff software to check your market analytics.

• You can use a document management system for your project’s documents. You can upload the necessary documents directly and make sure they remain accessible by tagging them with customized labels and attached them to a project.

• You can track and compare quotes, conditions, and scope sheets from subcontractors and suppliers.

Try it for free

Most of the software companies that sell HVAC Takeoff software allow users to try it for free for a 30-day trial period. You can familiarize yourself with the software features, make sure they all work well, and determine if the program will be useful for your business requirements. Try it with different devices like desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Sampling it for free will allow you to check out the various features of the software and see how using these can help streamline your HVAC business processes, save your overhead time, and bring in work profits. You can then opt to go for a monthly or annual subscription plan.

Pros and Cons of VoIP For Small Business

VoIP is a hot topic in small businesses, and many companies have already switched to the best VoIP for small business leaving their traditional phone system behind. Like any other communication system, VoIP is not without disadvantages. If you are planning to make the switch, it is better you should get detailed information about the pros and cons of VoIP.

Advantages of VoIP

Low Cost

VoIP system is cost-effective in comparison to a traditional phone system. In a conventional phone system setup, you have to pay for the number of calls. If you are calling international numbers, your monthly phone bill can swell significantly increasing your operating costs.

On the other hand, VoIP uses your internet connection for communication. The ISP generally levies a fixed monthly charge, and the calls are free. The service provider collects a small fee for calls outside national boundaries

In a traditional telephone system, you have to pay for a telephone line and also invest in a PBX system on the premises. Costs related to subscribing for a physical telephone line and PBX system are higher.

On the other hand, the initial setup costs in terms of VoIP are also low. The initial costs include a one-time fee payment while signing up for the service and the monthly recurring charges as per the plan. There is no specialized hardware or software required for VoIP. All this translates into lower costs initially and also in the long run.


In VoIP, you can add telephone numbers quickly, and the bandwidth generally limits the maximum number of telephones you can add.. Once you reach maximum VoIP numbers, the call quality suffers.

Regardless of the geographical area, users can access their VoIP service provides even from remote areas. Users can carry their IP phones wherever they go and use them to make and receive calls.

With PBX, you have a limitation on the number of lines you can add. If you have reached maximum connections supported by PBX, you have to get a new PBX system that might be quite expensive.

Voice Quality

The voice quality in both communication types depends on the network. If your office is in an urban area or city with high bandwidth and high-capacity connection, the call quality would be similar to that on a PBX or traditional phone line.

If your internet connection is not stable or slow, the voice quality of the VoIP calls is significantly reduced. Also, if there are any traffic bottlenecks, the quality of the VoIP call is low. However, most of the issues related to voice and call quality are eliminated by the best VoIP for small businesses by using advanced equipment and tools.

Call Analytics

Call analytics is a useful feature that provides essential data about inbound and outbound calls. Some advanced VoIP systems have an in-built feature to capture important call metrics such as time, length, and duration of the call. 

Advanced analytics also provide information like hold time, per-minute cost of calls, how often the call is transferred, and length of time in queue. Businesses can use this information to know the most productive sessions, high and the peak time for calls and adjust their customer service staff accordingly.

Feature Rich

Many service providers offer feature-rich VoIP plans. Some of the features that you might get are call forwarding, conference calls, call-waiting, voice mail, and caller id at no extra charge.

Disadvantages of VoIP


The reliability of communication is an essential factor for small businesses. If the internet network fails, the VoIP communication system also fails.  The internet connection can go down even with the failure of the electric supply between nodes. Thus, there is a high probability of network failures that makes VoIP less reliable.

In a traditional phone system, the communication lines are fed with power, and they continue to function even when there is power failure in your area. Many companies use VoIP systems for daily communication but keep one telephone line active to be used during emergencies.

Thus you can see the advantages offered by VoIP are far more significant than its disadvantages. By choosing the best VoIP for small businesses, you take business communication to a different level without added costs.

Why You Should Invest in a VoIP Phone System Services?

Today, a large number of businesses use cloud-based CRM tools and other services. VoIP phone service is an Internet-based voice and data communication solution where the telecommunication application, switching, and storage are managed by a 3rd party.

If you are still sitting on the fence thinking whether or not to switch to VoIP solution, we have presented a list of reasons why you should invest in a VoIP Phone system service.

Cost Effective Than Traditional Phone Systems

The main advantage of switching to a VoIP phone system is reduced costs. Typically, a VoIP system provides a less expensive local and international calls in comparison to the traditional phone system.

Traditional phone systems require businesses to make a substantial upfront investment. Some of the setup costs include hardware, installation, upgrades, and on-going maintenance.

With VoIP phone system things are a bit different. VoIP systems do not require any capital investment; the VoIP solution is hosted in the cloud. Also, there is much less hardware needed to connect to a VoIP system. Some of the equipment needed includes a router, modem, and ATA or IP phone.

Unlike traditional phone systems, where service provides bills for minutes used, leading VoIP service providers to offer flexible billing plans like monthly subscriptions, unlimited plans, and bundled packages that can be further customized to your business requirements to make it cost effective.

No Responsibility for System Maintenance

Unlike traditional phone systems in which maintenance of on-premise hardware is necessary to keep the phones ringing, the VoIP phone service is hosted in the cloud. The responsibility of system maintenance lies with the service provider.

This saves time and businesses are not required to employ staff for system maintenance that also saves money. The service provider also shoulders the responsibility of timely upgrades to ensure your company always enjoys up-to-date technology in VoIP.

Easy Scalability

Every business has its peak and the low period’s especially seasonal businesses. During peak periods, businesses need to add more lines to cater to an increased inflow of calls. Traditional small business phone system does not offer easy scalability as you need to build supporting infrastructure and also increase phone lines which can take time and also prove expensive.

With a VoIP phone system, scalability is not a big issue. To scale up, the VoIP solution provider has to just add extensions (increase seat licenses). Businesses are not required to invest in new hardware when VoIP solutions are scaled up.

To scale down VoIP service, the service provider allows seat licenses to expire instead of renewing them. Thus, you can see seamless scaling up and down without burgeoning costs is one of the reasons to invest in VoIP Phone system service.

Access Your Phone System from Anywhere

The backbone of the VoIP phone system is the Internet. VoIP system works on a variety of devices like smartphone, tablet, and computer. You can use your VoIP phone system from any place provided the device has a reliable internet connection.

This allows businesses to keep in touch with remote employees no matter where they are located.

Advanced Calling Features

VoIP solutions offer several advanced communication features that can help in different business functions. Some of the noteworthy features of VoIP solutions are

Auto Attendant– it is an extension of voice mail. The auto attendant feature plays a recorded message or music to customers on hold. The auto attendant can also answer customer calls and then forward them to the right departments based on customer’s needs.

Call forwarding – this is an important feature to maintain connectivity with employees at all time. This feature allows employees to move around in and out of the office to deliver their duties. No matter where they are, the call forwarding feature ensures they do not miss any calls.

Conferencing – this feature allows an individual to talk with more than one person at the same time. Audio and video conferencing is an important feature that can be used as an alternative when a face-to-face meeting is not possible.

There is no doubt VoIP phone service is a smart choice for business of any size. Do you know any other reason why businesses should invest in a VoIP phone system service? Please feel free to comment.

Small Business: Why Business Technology is Essential

Technology has always been the leading cause of evolution of humans as a species. Technology makes our lives simple, automated and helps us focus on more cognitive things that machines can’t perform. Moreover, the best part of technology is that it keeps evolving, making our lives smarter and better. Business technologies are the type of technologies that are specifically meant for business organizations. In this article we will see how important technology is for small businesses and look at few of the most essential ones that every organization needs.

Importance of Technology for Small Businesses

1. Reduces the dependency on location and improves communication

With the help of internet, laptop and smartphones, bedrooms have turned into boardrooms. People can be connected under a common platform, upload and download files quickly from any place and even co-ordinate with another with various communication channels. Email, WhatsApp, Slack, LinkedIn…the number of platform over which the communication happens are endless. People don’t have to attend offices every day and can always be on the go. For small businesses that have fewer resources, small office spaces and limited hiring, technology becomes a boon as their employees don’t have to be bound by an office space. All these companies need is individuals who can work on the go, juggle multiple responsibilities and efficiently use technology to multiply their capabilities.

2. A lot of things get automated

Another main advantage that small businesses can enjoy by being technology dependent is that a lot of their processes become automated. Be it inventory management, data processing, accounting, auditing or any other operation that involves quantified data, technology takes over these responsibilities. Software applications and suites are available in plenty for different business operations and they are easy to install and use as well. For example, businesses can use convenient CRM software to automate most of their customer relationship management. Automation reduces the need of human labor and also increases efficiency and accuracy. Thus with automation technologies, small businesses can reduce their hiring, and increase efficiency and accuracy.

3. Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Business technology helps in improving efficiency and productivity in business organizations. Computers and various software applications that are run on them are highly accurate and faster than humans. Even when it comes to manufacturing, machines are far better than humans for assembly jobs. As time passes by, these technologies will only get smarter and make things better for the organization. A lot of work can be done within a short period of time, ensuring quality of work for small businesses when business technology is actively used.

4. Business Intelligence

As mentioned before, machines keep evolving over time and the kind of advancements computing is making is impressive. With technologies like AI, machine learning and big data analytics, the computational abilities of computers have drastically increased. With acquired intelligence and predictive analysis, these computers and software applications can offer business intelligence regarding investments, accounting, hiring and a lot of other business decisions. Small businesses can take the risk and implement these business decisions as machines are always accurate and compute risk beforehand.

Importance of Software for Small Businesses

There are many tools and solutions that business professionals use today. Most of these tools and solutions are software applications that help businesses leverage their operational capabilities. Almost all business operations will have some or other software application that will help organizations in achieving their objectives. Popularly known as business software, these are a set of software applications that can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy at work places. There are many advantages that software offers for small businesses which we will discuss in this article.

Business Software and Its Need in Small Business

1. Automation

Firstly, business software help in automating many processes that used to be handled by people before. Process management, procurement, customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting, auditing, billing…there is no business operation that cannot use the services of automation and reduce its dependency on human intervention. Automation not only reduces the need for humans but also increases the accuracy and efficiency with each business process is carried out. Small business can thus hire less and save on their HR expenses.

2. Integration

Business software applications help create a digital world of business operations and integrate all these operations in real time. For example, two different solutions that are used for sales and billing respectively can be integrated to track the conversions that happened during a span of time. Later this data can be transferred to a CRM software to whitelist the loyalist customers the company has and special loyalty benefits can be offered to them. What you can see here is the integration of different software applications serving different small business operations integrated together to ensure ease of flow.

3. Accuracy

Data management is one of the most tedious jobs in business organizations and with the use of software applications, a lot of this work can be automated as mentioned above. Apart from automating, business software also ensures that accuracy is maintained throughout. Thus there won’t be any inconsistency in data management or any errors that can prove fatal later. Small businesses which have limited budgets cannot afford to make mistakes with their data as there is very little money left for risk management.

4. Business Intelligence

Data integration and management becomes a major aspect of using business software. These applications leave behind a lot of raw data that can be further processed to understand patterns, trends and other interrelated aspects that is hidden within data. With software that support big data management, analysis and machine learning, the data that a small business owns can be put to good use to make predictions and obtain business intelligence.

5. Communication

Another main benefit of using software in small business is that helps in managing both internal and external communication effortlessly. There are many applications that bring all the employees on a single platform where objectives can be updated, projects can be created, deadlines can be set, work can be assigned and documents can be uploaded and downloaded. These applications ensure that a virtual workplace is created which can be used by any employee irrespective of the location and time. Thus, it enables employees to be on the go and stay connected all the time.

VoIP Phones: How Do They Work in a Business Environment?

It is impossible to imagine a business place without a phone. Communication is the backbone of business and the amount of business that takes place over phone is immense. In this article we will look into VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones and understand how it works. We will also compare the various benefits it offers in contrast to the conventional analog phones. Read on.

What is a VoIP phone?

VoIP is a popular abbreviation and it stands for voice over internet protocol. It pretty much means the same thing, transferring voice over internet. The conventional phones we know about used to be heavenly dependent on landline wires and currently depend on the 3G and 4G network spectrums. They still use a dedicated phone network to transmit voice alone and this is pretty expensive for a business organization where thousands of calls are made every day. VoIP phones ensure that phone calls can be made using any internet connection, still retaining all the features and benefits of a conventional phone. Voice is converted into small packets of data to be transmitted over the internet and converted back into sound at the receiving end. Simply put, VoIP phones are advanced analog phones that use internet instead of a dedicated phone network.

What are the Benefits of VoIP Phones?

1. Flexibility

First of all, VoIP phones offer a lot of flexibility when compared to the conventional analog phones. VoIP phones can be operated over any internet connection. You can go anywhere with the phone, connect it to a working internet connection and you have a dial tone. Any business operation needs an internet connection more than a dedicated phone system today and it makes no sense to pay hefty amounts to a telephone network when you can make calls over the internet.

2. Cost Effective

Be it an analog phone or a VoIP phone, you have to invest on a phone system. However, you can still save over the phone network you are using and completely abandon it. When you are making calls over the internet using VoIP you don’t have to pay any additional amount to the internet service provider. Thus you will be saving a fortune over the time and still be able to make phone calls like you used to.

3. Easily Scalable

VoIP phones are way more advanced when compared to the traditional analog phones. You can create and remove a phone line as and when you please without any hassles. Suppose you recruit new employees or few of your employees get shifted to another branch, you can easily manage the phone lines without depending on any telephone network provider.

4. Additional Call Features

If VoIP phones were just about voice over internet, they wouldn’t be such a rage. Apart from voice calling they allow multiple other call features including call hold, call transfer, conference calling, automated calling etc. These features can help boost efficiency and productivityin a business organization.

What are the Positive Aspects of Spam Filtering Service?

What is a
spam filter?

A spam filter is a filter which prevents unwanted and
unsolicited messages to come into a user’s inbox of emails. A spam filter is a
program which is based on the judgments that which email is important to the

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Factors to Consider when Subscribing to a Spam Filtering Solution

Email is a powerful communication tool for many individuals and businesses! However, your email containing business sensitive, personal, confidential information is prone to many security threats, etc. if you do not use proper security tools such as spam filters that infiltrate your inbox, and spy on your data.

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