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Why You Should Use HVAC Takeoff Software?

Digitization has become more of a necessity than a choice in the HVAC industry. Almost everyone you will work with, from clients to contractors, use the relevant HVAC software programs to run their businesses and collaborate on residential or commercial HVAC projects. So, the primary reason for using HVAC Takeoff software is because you need it to manage the different aspects of your business.

Here are several more reasons why you should use HVAC Takeoff software:

• The HVAC Takeoff software allows you to access a range of useful features such as CRM dashboard, project templates, material lists, sales pipeline tracking, project deadline tracker, note sharing, integrated quotes, and peer reviews.

• HVAC Takeoff software lets you go over the HVAC project and blueprints in fine detail.

• The software program provides you with the necessary tools to handle the project operations and share accurate bidding estimates with the bidders, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

• The HVAC Takeoff software assists you with the purpose-built estimates.

• You can get all the information you need to make accurate bids on projects.

• Taking project specifications into consideration, you can determine the exact materials you will need and in what quantities.

• The software will help you to take note of any special fixtures and installations that you might need for the project.

• If you need to rent equipment for the project duration, the HVAC Takeoff software will help you to figure out the costs for this.

• The software database has over 200,000 items that you can access whenever you want.

• The digital job plans include built-in piping, mechanical, and plumbing assemblies, and you get access to these as well.

• There are online digital plans as well as a digitizer to perform an HVAC Takeoff, but you can do it manually as well.

• You can check current rates for labor and materials, including the real-time updated pricing changes that manufacturers make, and use all of these, along with any overhead costs, in your bid summary.

• You can integrate the estimating data into Excel report extensions and customize them as per your requirement.

• You can also customize the database and the interface for improving your workflow.

• You can integrate your price details with the accounting system.

• You can customize a digital Takeoff template as per your project requirements.

• You can refer to a range of mechanical assemblies as well as plumbing and piping assemblies for the project.

• You can import your digital project plans and drawings into the HVAC Takeoff software program, and reference them as needed, no matter where you are.

• You can also share the project plans easily with co-workers and clients.

• You can view your Takeoff data on multiple screens.

• By getting fast and accurate HVAC Takeoff results, you save on the time and expenses that would have gone into your overhead expenses and reduced your profits.

• The HVAC Takeoff software program lets you customize your professional proposals and export them, if necessary, to other regularly used document formats like PDF, Excel, and Word.

• You can use the HVAC Takeoff software to check your market analytics.

• You can use a document management system for your project’s documents. You can upload the necessary documents directly and make sure they remain accessible by tagging them with customized labels and attached them to a project.

• You can track and compare quotes, conditions, and scope sheets from subcontractors and suppliers.

Try it for free

Most of the software companies that sell HVAC Takeoff software allow users to try it for free for a 30-day trial period. You can familiarize yourself with the software features, make sure they all work well, and determine if the program will be useful for your business requirements. Try it with different devices like desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Sampling it for free will allow you to check out the various features of the software and see how using these can help streamline your HVAC business processes, save your overhead time, and bring in work profits. You can then opt to go for a monthly or annual subscription plan.

Small Business: Why Business Technology is Essential

Technology has always been the leading cause of evolution of humans as a species. Technology makes our lives simple, automated and helps us focus on more cognitive things that machines can’t perform. Moreover, the best part of technology is that it keeps evolving, making our lives smarter and better. Business technologies are the type of technologies that are specifically meant for business organizations. In this article we will see how important technology is for small businesses and look at few of the most essential ones that every organization needs.

Importance of Technology for Small Businesses

1. Reduces the dependency on location and improves communication

With the help of internet, laptop and smartphones, bedrooms have turned into boardrooms. People can be connected under a common platform, upload and download files quickly from any place and even co-ordinate with another with various communication channels. Email, WhatsApp, Slack, LinkedIn…the number of platform over which the communication happens are endless. People don’t have to attend offices every day and can always be on the go. For small businesses that have fewer resources, small office spaces and limited hiring, technology becomes a boon as their employees don’t have to be bound by an office space. All these companies need is individuals who can work on the go, juggle multiple responsibilities and efficiently use technology to multiply their capabilities.

2. A lot of things get automated

Another main advantage that small businesses can enjoy by being technology dependent is that a lot of their processes become automated. Be it inventory management, data processing, accounting, auditing or any other operation that involves quantified data, technology takes over these responsibilities. Software applications and suites are available in plenty for different business operations and they are easy to install and use as well. For example, businesses can use convenient CRM software to automate most of their customer relationship management. Automation reduces the need of human labor and also increases efficiency and accuracy. Thus with automation technologies, small businesses can reduce their hiring, and increase efficiency and accuracy.

3. Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Business technology helps in improving efficiency and productivity in business organizations. Computers and various software applications that are run on them are highly accurate and faster than humans. Even when it comes to manufacturing, machines are far better than humans for assembly jobs. As time passes by, these technologies will only get smarter and make things better for the organization. A lot of work can be done within a short period of time, ensuring quality of work for small businesses when business technology is actively used.

4. Business Intelligence

As mentioned before, machines keep evolving over time and the kind of advancements computing is making is impressive. With technologies like AI, machine learning and big data analytics, the computational abilities of computers have drastically increased. With acquired intelligence and predictive analysis, these computers and software applications can offer business intelligence regarding investments, accounting, hiring and a lot of other business decisions. Small businesses can take the risk and implement these business decisions as machines are always accurate and compute risk beforehand.

Importance of Software for Small Businesses

There are many tools and solutions that business professionals use today. Most of these tools and solutions are software applications that help businesses leverage their operational capabilities. Almost all business operations will have some or other software application that will help organizations in achieving their objectives. Popularly known as business software, these are a set of software applications that can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy at work places. There are many advantages that software offers for small businesses which we will discuss in this article.

Business Software and Its Need in Small Business

1. Automation

Firstly, business software help in automating many processes that used to be handled by people before. Process management, procurement, customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting, auditing, billing…there is no business operation that cannot use the services of automation and reduce its dependency on human intervention. Automation not only reduces the need for humans but also increases the accuracy and efficiency with each business process is carried out. Small business can thus hire less and save on their HR expenses.

2. Integration

Business software applications help create a digital world of business operations and integrate all these operations in real time. For example, two different solutions that are used for sales and billing respectively can be integrated to track the conversions that happened during a span of time. Later this data can be transferred to a CRM software to whitelist the loyalist customers the company has and special loyalty benefits can be offered to them. What you can see here is the integration of different software applications serving different small business operations integrated together to ensure ease of flow.

3. Accuracy

Data management is one of the most tedious jobs in business organizations and with the use of software applications, a lot of this work can be automated as mentioned above. Apart from automating, business software also ensures that accuracy is maintained throughout. Thus there won’t be any inconsistency in data management or any errors that can prove fatal later. Small businesses which have limited budgets cannot afford to make mistakes with their data as there is very little money left for risk management.

4. Business Intelligence

Data integration and management becomes a major aspect of using business software. These applications leave behind a lot of raw data that can be further processed to understand patterns, trends and other interrelated aspects that is hidden within data. With software that support big data management, analysis and machine learning, the data that a small business owns can be put to good use to make predictions and obtain business intelligence.

5. Communication

Another main benefit of using software in small business is that helps in managing both internal and external communication effortlessly. There are many applications that bring all the employees on a single platform where objectives can be updated, projects can be created, deadlines can be set, work can be assigned and documents can be uploaded and downloaded. These applications ensure that a virtual workplace is created which can be used by any employee irrespective of the location and time. Thus, it enables employees to be on the go and stay connected all the time.

VoIP Phones: How Do They Work in a Business Environment?

It is impossible to imagine a business place without a phone. Communication is the backbone of business and the amount of business that takes place over phone is immense. In this article we will look into VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones and understand how it works. We will also compare the various benefits it offers in contrast to the conventional analog phones. Read on.

What is a VoIP phone?

VoIP is a popular abbreviation and it stands for voice over internet protocol. It pretty much means the same thing, transferring voice over internet. The conventional phones we know about used to be heavenly dependent on landline wires and currently depend on the 3G and 4G network spectrums. They still use a dedicated phone network to transmit voice alone and this is pretty expensive for a business organization where thousands of calls are made every day. VoIP phones ensure that phone calls can be made using any internet connection, still retaining all the features and benefits of a conventional phone. Voice is converted into small packets of data to be transmitted over the internet and converted back into sound at the receiving end. Simply put, VoIP phones are advanced analog phones that use internet instead of a dedicated phone network.

What are the Benefits of VoIP Phones?

1. Flexibility

First of all, VoIP phones offer a lot of flexibility when compared to the conventional analog phones. VoIP phones can be operated over any internet connection. You can go anywhere with the phone, connect it to a working internet connection and you have a dial tone. Any business operation needs an internet connection more than a dedicated phone system today and it makes no sense to pay hefty amounts to a telephone network when you can make calls over the internet.

2. Cost Effective

Be it an analog phone or a VoIP phone, you have to invest on a phone system. However, you can still save over the phone network you are using and completely abandon it. When you are making calls over the internet using VoIP you don’t have to pay any additional amount to the internet service provider. Thus you will be saving a fortune over the time and still be able to make phone calls like you used to.

3. Easily Scalable

VoIP phones are way more advanced when compared to the traditional analog phones. You can create and remove a phone line as and when you please without any hassles. Suppose you recruit new employees or few of your employees get shifted to another branch, you can easily manage the phone lines without depending on any telephone network provider.

4. Additional Call Features

If VoIP phones were just about voice over internet, they wouldn’t be such a rage. Apart from voice calling they allow multiple other call features including call hold, call transfer, conference calling, automated calling etc. These features can help boost efficiency and productivityin a business organization.

What are the Positive Aspects of Spam Filtering Service?

What is a spam filter?

A spam filter is a filter which prevents unwanted and unsolicited messages to come into a user’s inbox of emails. A spam filter is a program which is based on the judgments that which email is important to the user.

These days, most of the companies and businesses conversations are done via emails. Emails are the only way which is used for multiple ways like if a person does not want to share his or her contact information then all the information between the two parties will be shared only via email. As email is really very important to a company but sometimes it can also become a problem for a company or individual. And the problem is the unwanted and unsolicited emails which can contain viruses and can create security threats. This is where spam filtering and email archiving services come into the scene and play a vital role in solving the problem

1.    Spam filtering service blocks all junk emails

Unwanted emails are also called junk emails. Sending emails is free of cost and quicker as no one need to print anything and of course no cost for postage thus it becomes really very easy for people to send the unlimited number of emails. Spammers use automated programs which contain a list of emails and need to just compose a mail which can become a headache for the receiver. Sometimes email information can be shared by the spammers to the third party in return for their benefits which can create a risk to your security. In order to avoid all such circumstances, spam filtering becomes really very useful to all employees out there.

2.    Protection against viruses

These unwanted emails contain viruses which can threaten your data’s security on your personal computer. Whenever you open an email, viruses become active in your computer and can steal all the data stored on your computer. Just one click on a wrong email which contains virus can debilitate all network. In such case, spam filtering service offers a great firewall to our computer system and to our network and keeps all our data secure from spammers.

3.    Customized services

There are various types of email spam filter programs are available out there across the world as well as a spam filter program can be prepared as per the needs and the requirements of companies and their clients.

You can also create a blacklist of the people with their email addresses which usually send you to spam messages this will also work as a spam filter else if you have higher confidential data in your computer then you need to opt a spam filter program as per your needs and requirements.

4.    Saving time

Spam filter saves time as now employees don’t need to go through lots of spam emails to find the mail which is usable to the employee. It also becomes difficult to decide which email is spam or which one email is readable or usable to an employee thus it becomes a good choice to use a spam filter program.

5.  Keeping hackers at bay

Using spam emails, one can steal your data you have stored on your personal computer. These hackers can also send virus programs which can slow down the activity of your system. Thus in order to keep your data safe, secure and if you want your computer to run with a good speed then it is good to use a spam filter program. Spam filter program of your email prevent these emails to come at user’s inbox thus saves your data from security threats as well as keep your computer to run smoothly.

6.  Preserve’s the company image as well as the reputation of your company

A company which gets fail to secure their client’s data or their own data and infects data with the viruses would not be able to become a well reputed and well-established company in the market. this does not only make a company to lose their financial money, loose but a company will also become a point of public embarrassment thus if a company did not want to compromise their success then it is the time to keep the company’s image preserved by using email filter programs as per company standards and needs.   These are the various areas which make us know that how a company really needs spam filtering and email archiving services to avoid any future danger.

Factors to Consider when Subscribing to a Spam Filtering Solution

Email is a powerful communication tool for many individuals and businesses! However, your email containing business sensitive, personal, confidential information is prone to many security threats, etc. if you do not use proper security tools such as spam filters that infiltrate your inbox, and spy on your data.

You may receive emails suggesting products that you may have browsed on an online store or may have used matching keywords in your emails, instant messages, etc., emails that try to stoke your emotions requesting you to donate generously to a charity or emails that lure you saying you won a million dollars on a lottery. All such emails try to elicit some confidential information from you or just require you to click on the email, open attachments, etc.

The volumes of unsolicited marketing, promotional email that floods your inbox may seem more like unprofessional approach of businesses trying to sell you some random stuff, that may be partly true, but in some cases, such emails carry the threat of virus such as spyware, malware and so on. When you click on any such emails, open an attachment falling for its catchy title you may be unlocking the inviting such virus to reside on your computer, exposing the sensitive data to hackers.

Spam whether it is the frustrating and less harmful unsolicited marketing emails or more the dangerous virus carrying email costs your business heavily. Apart from the loss of productive hours in cleaning up the inbox, the loss of data results in loss of business opportunities, loss of credibility, lawsuits and more. Spam spells disaster for any business. Spam filtering solutions are great tools that help restrict the entry of such emails in your inbox and thereby offer mental peace so you can concentrate on tasks that are more productive.

With 50% of an estimated 270 billion emails sent classified as spam, spam-filtering solutions market is a goldmine for security system providers. As such there are many email filtering solutions that have flooded the market recently, selecting the right email filter for your requirements is a challenge.

The increasing sophistication of the hackers requires using a quality Email filtering software for your business. In spite of the best efforts, about 2% – 3% of the spam still infiltrates your organization’s computer network, and it takes just one click to clog the entire network and cause maximum damage. It is, therefore, very important to consider the percentage of spam blockage by a particular solution before subscribing to a particular anti-spam solution.

When considering anti-spam solutions, you need to make sure that the solution demonstrates high levels of virus protection. Some of the factors that you need to take into account include:

• The options available for the treatment of email identified as spam is an important consideration. What options does the email filter offer you? Some of the options that such software offers include, quarantine, delete, or deliver.

• Does the solution offer protection against potential malware threats? If so, what is the quality of such protection?

• Evaluate the results of the front end tests conducted to show the effectiveness of such filtering.

• The percentage of false detection, i.e. number of genuine emails that the anti-spam blocks in error.

• The options available in case of false detection, unblocking the senders.

• Other value added options provided such as email continuity and recovery services in the event of a disaster or outage, etc.

Once you have verified the success rate of spam blocking, the options available for the treatment of spam mail you need to verify that the anti-spam has certain essential features.

• Outbound Mail scanning: Outbound mail scanning, becomes essential to avoid a spam label against your domain. It may happen in the event an employee works on a file from his home computer and reopens it on your organization’s network infecting the network with the virus, which might result in labelling your domain as spam. Blacklisting your domain will affect the flow of communication to your organization.

• Blocking phishing or malicious websites: One of the biggest threat online today is phishing, wherein the hackers try to steal your confidential data. When a user visits a website accidentally and divulges the login credentials, breach of data security happens and is the common practice of hackers; therefore, anti-spam software should effectively block such phishing, malicious URLs so no user can visit such sites.

When you decide to invest in a spam filtering solution, make sure you have verified the spam protection rate and have made sure that the software has all the basic features of spam filtering.

Email Continuity Services Helping Your Businesses run Smooth and Safely

Employees communicate through email whether at workplace or from home or even from a remote place using their mobile phones while on the move, email has become the most important means of communication for every business across the globe. Businesses need continuous and constant flow of communication between all the parties concerned, and anything lack of communication will result in heavy losses to the businesses.

System maintenance, outages, natural disaster, system downtime, hardware failure are some of the reasons that may cause hindrance to the email continuity, exchange of emails among employees or between business and vendors, of an organization. Such disruption may cause businesses to lose communication, business and hence revenues.

Businesses need a backup that ensures continuous flow of communication via emails among employees and between business and vendors so business functions smooth, as usual without hurting the business financially or otherwise, in the event of primary email system failures. Email continuity is one such disaster management program that helps businesses send and receive emails in the event of a server downtime issue.

How does Email Continuity Systems Work?

In the event of your primary email system failure, the backup email system or the email continuity springs into action, copies the emails directed to the primary mail server and guides them to a webmail server that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. This email system makes it easy for employees and vendors to send and receive email; it uses a single and user-friendly interface for the convenience of administration, so IT administrators need not require special skills to manage the email continuity system.

Once the primary email system starts functioning, all the inbound email queued will go to that server, and the primary email server receives a history of the email exchanges that happened during the outage, so you can access these emails in future if required.

As such, email continuity helps businesses stay in touch with vendors, prospects, and help protect business reputation and profitability even during outage times. In addition, email continuity also helps comply with industry regulations of archiving emails, etc. for data audit requests, e-discovery purposes.

Benefits of Email Continuity Services

By deploying email continuity services you will organization will experienced continuous flow of communication within the organization and with outside parties thus helping build better brand reputation and increasing business opportunities and profitability. Some of the other benefits of a backup for your primary email server include:

• Increased Reliability: With email continuity services, you will increase your business reliability and lower the risk of losing business to competitors, as you can stay in touch with your prospects, vendors etc.

• Improves business productivity: Businesses will face downtime at some point or the other and so they allocate resources and time for such downtime. With the help of an effective email continuity service as a backup in the event of primary E-mail server failures that help exchange of emails as usual will help conduct business without any hindrance or loss of productivity.

• Comply with industry standards and regulations: Email continuity helps you to download communication history, which happened during the outage on to the primary email server once it becomes fully functional, so your business can archive such communication for future references, and to comply with industry standards, which requires such archiving of email history.

As the importance of email as primary communication tools grows in businesses, there is a need to provide for a robust email continuity service that helps exchange of email in the most safe and secure way within the organization and between the organization and the outside parties.

When looking to outsource your email continuity services you need to select the best IT services company to help your organization with continuous exchange of emails. Some of the features that best email continuity services have include:

Robust Network Infrastructure: Email continuity and protection services have strong and robust network infrastructure to facilitate high availability of mail servers. Such infrastructure, servers and data centers, spread across geographically diverse areas offer a host of email continuity and email security services for smooth operation of business in the event of downtime or outage of the primary server.

Effective Management and Monitoring: As a secondary system, email continuity systems appear when your primary server experiences downtime, however, these secondary systems are always ready to offer these backup services, as breakdowns can happen at any time. Email continuity systems use time tested software for real world scenarios.

Features of Best Email Filtering Software for Effective Spam and Virus Protection

Do you find many junk/ spam emails hitting your inbox? Do you have to dig deep into your inbox to find the relevant and important emails? Are you worried all of this is consuming your productive time?

Apart from eating into your productive time, Junk email, spam email carries serious threat to the credibility or even the existence of your organization; the content of such email contains malware, phishing material and other types of viruses, which attack your computer networks and compromise the security of your organization’s confidential data. Well, using email filtering is the solution to saving time and protecting your organizations data.

Email filters offer great features to help you fight spam and other phishing emails. These powerful tools come with great features that help you block or direct emails coming from specific email address go to certain folders, or completely block emails coming from a certain domain altogether. You can also set the filtering levels as low, medium, or high. Against to the saying one-size fits all, there may not be an email filter that applies to all your requirements, you will have to choose the right filter based on your organization’s specific requirements and the features the filters offer. Some of the features that these filters offer include:

• Filter Settings: The best Email filter software should have amazing capabilities to block any suspicious looking email, so it does not enter and contaminate your inbox. Some of the best email filters come with a host of features such as white lists, black lists, settings for community and forums, settings based on sensitivities, response and challenge techniques to help you fight spam. With these features, you will be able to quarantine or completely block any virus, malware, etc. you can also get email filters that help you block email by IP addresses, country of Origin, server, etc.

• Accounts covered: You need to make sure the email filter you subscribe to is capable of offering protection to all the users in your organization. Your organization may have multiple users with different accounts all of which requires strong protection against viruses, spam, malware, or other types of phishing attack emails. The best email filter software will have sophisticated technique to identify any attack to steal your users, customer’s sensitive information including personal or banking related information.

• Compatibility: When selecting an email filter for your organization, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the current version of the email client that you have deployed. In general, the best email filters available support all types of email clients and Web Mail service providers such as outlook express, thunderbird, and similar application including POP3/SMPT. They also offer support for web-based application including Gmail, yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.

• Flexibility: The best email filters understand the importance of personalization. An organization should have the options to change the settings easily to suit their specific needs. The best email filters will offer flexible rules so any user of an organization with any level of technical competency can easily change the settings to suit their changing requirements.

Well, most email filters available come with all these features, however looking for the best software you need to verify a few factors such as:

• Verify the rate of spam and virus protection to see if it meets the standards as advertised by the vendor.

• If the spam filters are compatible with all the operating systems, and especially with the ones that your organization uses.

• What Anti-virus software does the email filter employ to protect your inbox from outside attacks? How effective is this anti-virus software?

• The best email filter also helps you with an option to verify the recipient. Make sure that the software you chose such a capability.

• What is the error percentage in the functioning of the software? For example does the software quarantine any relevant and important mails in an error, if so, what is the rate of such instances?

• Testimonials from previous clients are very important. Verify if the vendor can show references from previous clients who can vouch for the effectiveness of the email filter software.

Finally, customer service is the crucial factor in all purchase decisions. Professional email filter software vendors offer excellent support and help clients with any issue that they may face using such filters. Consider all such factors, and any other factors that your organization may require specifically, to make sure you get the software that scores well on all parameters and not just on one or two.

Features of an Efficient Email Spam Filter

Email spam is increasing at an alarming rate. According to SecureList report, the third quarter of 2016 saw a 3.03% increase in spam in comparison to last year. Majority of the spam contain a malicious attachment that downloads ransomware on computers. Hence, businesses need to employ good anti-spam solution to counter this threat. Here are a few benefits of using anti-spam solutions.

Benefits of an Email Spam Filter

Spam emails cause a lot more than inconvenience. They hamper the productivity of workforce as employees spend their valuable time sifting through mail inboxes and deleting spam. By using anti-spam solution you can prevent spam from reaching inboxes which will increase the productivity.

Also, according to Cyberoam 2014 report, there are more than 54 billion spam messages are sent every day and the number keeps increasing. If you do not have email spam filter, a large volume of spam entering your network will hog bandwidth and reduce the efficiency of your email server. With a good anti-spam filter in place, the spam will not enter your organization network and save bandwidth for legitimate traffic.

There are so many different types of anti-spam solutions available in the market and the big question is how do you select the right one for your business. Here are some of the important features that you need to look for while selecting an email spam filter.

Effective Spam Filtering

The email spam filter needs to be effective in blocking 90% or more spam mail and save bandwidth and all incoming mail should be scanned automatically. IP reputation filtering is a useful technology that helps in identifying 80% of mails even without looking at contents of the emails.

The IP filtration method uses an IP-based blocklist offered by IP reputation services who gather information about IP addresses that were used by spammers. The IP address list is distributed to anti-spam solutions using the BGP routing protocol. Using this IP address list, the email spam filtering can block mail coming from these IP addresses.

The email spam filter should be based on “cocktail approach” where multiple detection tests and techniques are used to filter spam. This approach is highly effective as spammers cannot fool all anti-spam tests at a time.

Virus Detection

A large amount of spam contains viruses and other malware that can hamper your system and steal data. The email spam filter should have virus detection software that should scan email before it reaches inbox and delete it. Also, it should be able to scan attachments and detect viruses and delete them as well.

The email filter should have signature less virus detection technology that closes early hour virus vulnerability gap during massive virus outbreaks. It protects your email server against the initial peak of attack. The benefit of this technology is clear- no need to perform signature updates.

Easy Management of White and Black Lists

Though you have email spam filter installed, you should have complete control over white and black email lists. You only decide which email is legitimate and which is spam. The spam emails go in the blacklist while legitimate email goes in the whitelist.

The email spam filter should automatically add all email addresses in your Address book in whitelist. The list should get updated whenever you add any email address in your Address book.

Outage Protection

The anti-spam filtering solution should offer outage protection for uninterrupted email communication. In an event of an outage, the anti-spam solution should be able to receive all emails and once your email server is back online, it should deliver all emails to your server automatically.

Quarantine Reports

Weekly quarantine reports will enable you to analyze a number of spam messages stopped by the email spam filter. It will help you visualize the spam threats and increase the filtering rules based on findings.

Email Recovery

The email spam filter should have an option to move any mail to quarantine folder to judge its legitimacy. The email recovery option should allow you to check and recover legitimate emails from the quarantine folder and delete the spam automatically after a few days.

An email spam filter protects your organization from annoying spam emails. By focusing on important features, you can ensure your organization enjoys the highest level of protection against spam and the anti-spam solution offers you good value for money.

How do you protect your organization from spam? Please feel free to comment.

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