Guide to Square Alternatives 2020

Square is a great solution for small businesses – be it online or offline. But it does have its limitations. If you are expanding your business or looking for more features in your merchant service then you might need to consider alternatives to Square.

Consider this guide for Square alternatives in 2020.

Leaders Merchant Services

It offers transparent and low pricing. The starting rates can be as low as 0.15%. When you choose Leaders merchant services, you will get the benefit of 24/7 support throughout the year.

It also offers same-day approvals and free EMV terminals. It is ideal for mobile payments. If your business is in the category of quick service meals, restaurants, or retail then Leaders can be an ideal merchant service option for you.


It processes payments that are more than 10K. You will receive 24/7 support. It is known for excellent chat support. There are no hidden charges for their services.

You will also not be required to sign any contract. Its processing time is quite fast. It is ideal for e-commerce ventures and other online businesses.


It offers free EMV terminals and Clover options. There are no upfront costs when you choose Flagship.

You will also receive the benefit of free setups. One of the biggest advantages of Flagship is the same-day funding option. It also offers mobile payments. It is ideal for retail ventures, e-commerce businesses, and terminals.


It is the best payment solution for high-risk businesses. It is also suited for businesses of all sizes and in any category such as retail establishments and terminals. But not many merchant services offer services for high-risk businesses. PaymentCloud not only offers them but it also offers reliable services. High-risk businesses often get bad deals due to the nature of their work. But you won’t have to deal with shady or less-than-ideal offers when you choose PaymentCloud.

It offers free getaway and account setups. It has an approval rate of over 98%. It also offers mobile payments. It is your best merchant service option if you want a secured payment environment, especially for your high-risk business.

Lightspeed Retail

If your business is growing, you may want to move away from Square and choose something like Lightspeed Retail. It is ideal for slightly-advanced POS users.

It contains many POS features suitable for retail businesses such as inventory management and purchase ordering. You can also use it for creating store credit, bulk buying, employee management, CRM, e-commerce integration, multistore capability, in-house payment processing, and reporting.

Its monthly charges are more than Square. But you also get many more features for retails businesses. You can also integrate Lightspeed with outside merchant services.

Square for Retail is also only available for iPad. You can use Lightspeed with iPad, desktop, or any device connected to the internet. It does charge a nominal processing fee. But its monthly charges can be approximately $99. You can also opt for larger plans.

It offers 24/7 support and provides good onboarding services. If your food or retails business is expanding and you have good experience using POS systems then Lightspeed is a good alternative to Square.

It offers a month-to-month agreement along with 24/7 support. It offers excellent POS solutions and free account setup and equipment.

It is most suited for retail shops, restaurants, and terminals. It also has a mobile payment option.


It is best suited for quick-serve businesses (QSR) and coffee shops. It offers free starter plans along with paid plans. If you are in the coffee or QSR business and wish to set up an iPad POS then ShopKeep is a good option for you. If you can do away with just the free plan, it can be more cost-effective to you than Square. The latter is also ideal for QSR and food businesses. But ShopKeep may cost you a bit less.

It also comes with an excellent inventory-tracking feature. It also allows for easier options to send kitchen orders and even merge orders or tickets. It also updates tickets automatically. For retail businesses, ShopKeep offers solutions such as bulk ordering and Bluetooth scanners. Its customer service is also excellent.

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